Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rays netbook refliction

Hi i,m Ray from room eighteen and i,m writing about my netbook reflection it is an very important task to finish.

I've had heaps of fun with my netbook and these are the stuff I've had enjoyed going on different websites that I never been on and it is just fun to have a netbook for school. There is heaps of reason why I enjoy working with this netbook is because it is tuns of fun and there are reasons why I don,t like this netbook but i,m not finish telling all my stuff that I enjoy with beautiful awesome.

There is a couple more reasons why I enjoy having this netbook and it is because you feel like it is yours for your whole life and you can go on internet enjoy your time on your net like just go to the library and go on internet thats because there is heaps of reasons why you can enjoy a small little netbook and it has improved from paper and pen now it never hertz my finger and hands from writing in pen and pencils. but there are also that I hate about netbook.

There are some reasons why I also hate about my is often it the internet doesn't work and the it all ways freezes when I write and when search up stuff but it all ways doesn't function properly and thats what I absolutely hate about this netbook because it doesn't function properly.

But most of all I enjoy having this netbook.


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