Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rays netbook refliction

Hi i,m Ray from room eighteen and i,m writing about my netbook reflection it is an very important task to finish.

I've had heaps of fun with my netbook and these are the stuff I've had enjoyed going on different websites that I never been on and it is just fun to have a netbook for school. There is heaps of reason why I enjoy working with this netbook is because it is tuns of fun and there are reasons why I don,t like this netbook but i,m not finish telling all my stuff that I enjoy with beautiful awesome.

There is a couple more reasons why I enjoy having this netbook and it is because you feel like it is yours for your whole life and you can go on internet enjoy your time on your net like just go to the library and go on internet thats because there is heaps of reasons why you can enjoy a small little netbook and it has improved from paper and pen now it never hertz my finger and hands from writing in pen and pencils. but there are also that I hate about netbook.

There are some reasons why I also hate about my is often it the internet doesn't work and the it all ways freezes when I write and when search up stuff but it all ways doesn't function properly and thats what I absolutely hate about this netbook because it doesn't function properly.

But most of all I enjoy having this netbook.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Manu Samoa v Fiji

..On a raining Sunday it was time for an outstanding rugby game which was Manu Samoa vs the flying Fijians. As I got ready to watch, I couldnt wait to watch the rugby game so soon both captains came to the referee and the Samoan captain had to tossed the coin but the Fiji captain won the toss so the Fiji captain said that he want,s Samoa to kick off.challenging

When the Samoan first five eight got ready to kick off the referee blowed the whistle and the game was under way as one of the Fiji players cought the rugby ball and ran and ran until the Samoan centre Mapasua ran and tackled his legs and yes the Samoans were claping because the referee blew the whistle for a penalty the reason why the referee blew the whistle is because that Fiji player that ran when he got tackled he did,nt release the ball so the talented first five eight of Samoa Tusi pisi was going to kick for goal and then when he kicked it was an outstanding kick and it was over. Then it was time for Fiji first five eight Nikkie little kicked off then Samoa just kept getting penalty over and over again then when The Manu Samoa finished there penaltys it was 12 to 0 then it finally got to half time.

Then when both teams came out of there dressing rooms the came running out and Samoa were happy that Fiji were kicking off and they were also happy they had a twelve point lead. So Fiji kicked the game away it was a good kick that went long and far but it went to a dangerous talented full back which was Paul Williams As soon as he touch the ball I knew he would’nt wast the like kick it or anything I knew he was going to run and make metres it was intersting because Paul Williams was jogging and he when the Fiji players came to tackle him but he went to the left wing were Alesana tuilagi was and he did a tricky move there was to defenders and he told tuilagi to cut and both defenders felt for the cut thing and then he when through the gap and he was gonna get a try but there was one full back which was Michael takimbau But as the full back went to tackle Paul Williams there was one supporter and then he past the ball and the number eight George stowers cought the ball and run to the try line and jumped for a try. And Paul Williams went for the last kick for the game and he just nailed that kick and the referee blew the whistle for the game.

Both teams played there best but at the end Samoa took it all 27 to 10 it was a good match but
shot Samoa for the win.

Friday, September 23, 2011

T3W7 Manu samoa vs namibia rugby game.

On a windy Wednesday,the fourteenth of September, I went to Samoa vs Namibia rugby game. The game started at two thirty pm When I woke up I got ready And then when I got ready my dad came to pick me up and then we went to whatch the rugby game. As we got to Whangerei we jump out of train and headed to the stadium but as we got to the stadium it was packed with Samoans and Namibians. Namibia was nearly kicking off and then they kicked off.

When Namibia kicked off Samoa,s first five eight Tusi pisi cought the rugby ball and kicked back to the Namibia team and Namibia kicked backed and the outstanding half back Fotuale,e cought the ball bumbed off one dummy one and ran and scored on the side line When he scored it was seven neil and next we kept on scoring and scoring and Samoa,s left winger Alesana tuilagi scored a hatrick by running down the side line and just running through the Namibians and just kept on scoring.

But when half time was finished both teams went in there changing rooms and had a break and a talk what they need to work on. Then a wile later the both teams came out and Samoa
was getting ready to kick off for half time and then they finally kicked off as the ball went up in the air Samoa got the ball back and just kept sticking there plan which was spread the ball out wide to the backs if we were in danger but if Samoa was in the Namibians 22 the Samoa will let the forwards do the job so they can get closer and closer then finally score but Namibia tried there best to score and they did so well done on them.

It was a exiting rugby game but at the end Samoa took it all 42 to 12 chhheeeoooo that was an awesome start for the Manu Samoa.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Maths lesson

This maths lesson is improving my maths so thats why I do that maths lesson.

Friday, August 12, 2011

My time with my dad

In the exiting holidays I was going to my dads house the reason I wanted to go to my dads house is because I havent seen him for long so my mum said I can go and stay for the holidays so when I went over my dad was so surprise and then when I went the house we started playing boxing and every time I was blocking he kept knocking me out. As soon as I went there I started having heaps of fun so thats why i wanted to go to my dads house.

The things I did there was playing on the play station watching sky and heaps of stuff the thing I like about my dads is we all did something every day, and other things I do is I like playing outside and playing cards with my dad and watching dvds rugby cartoons and movies and thats what I like to do at my dads house.
On the last they my dad bought me a ManuSamoa t-shirt and I was happy as and then he was getting ready to drop me off to my house and then when he droped me off he gave me twenty dollars and said see yarr later so thats what I did on the last day.

Friday, August 5, 2011


Keep your eye on the ball I’ve been waiting to lern something about rugby i recond that our topic for this term is so awesome because we can learn about different countries and you can cheer for your country when the big world cup comes on.

For this term I think I am gonna have two goals for this and it is go school every day and finish my task so thats my goals for this term the reason why i want to pick those goals for this term is because last term i didn't go school that much and last term i didn't finish my work often so thats my goals for this exciting term.

And the thing I am looking forward to is who is going to win the world cup and who is going to cup i wish i could go to games but i have no tickets to go so i will watch it at my dads house.
And the other thing i am looking forward to is learning about different countries so if some one says what does the flag mean i can tell them what it means so that is what i am looking forward to for this exiting term of rugby.